GBC Supports Worldwide Missions
February 05, 2023

GBC supports multiple missionary families around the world! 

We send monthly support to missionaries planting churches in India, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, South Korea, Philippines, China, Cambodia, Mexico, Australia, Papua New Guinea, Democratic Republic of Congo, Fiji Islands, New Zealand, Wales, and Panama, Chile, Dominican Republic, Zambia, and home missions. 

As an Independent Baptist church we choose the missionaries we want to support and every dollar given to missions goes directly to the missionary. 

Pray with us for their financial needs, family relationships, personal spiritual growth, to overcome language and cultural barriers, physical health and safety, new souls and church growth, and freedom to share the gospel.

These past years have been difficult for our missionaries struggling with the pandemic restrictions. Some missionaries have been affected by the disease. We ask for prayer concerning the missionaries, that they may be free of the disease, and that restrictions ease to where they can reach the local population with the Gospel. 

Some of the missionaries we supported  have come off of the field recently. We have been able to take on new missionaries to continue the work abroad. This past month we have been able to take on 2 more missionaries. We also have been able to increase our monthly missions contributions to our missionaries. Praise God!