Youth Rally Wolf Mountain
November 05, 2022
There is an upcoming youth rally for junior high and high school age boys and girls at Wolf Mountain Camp in Grass Valley. Cost is $40.00 per person (prices subject to change). More information can be found at or call 530-273-8709 to RSVP. 
Christian School
August 14, 2022
Grace Baptist Academy has started its second year of instruction. We continue to work on training our staff with continued contact with ABEKA as well as training sessions. Just because we are no longer of "school age" we never stop learning. 

We are teaching on a 4 day a week schedule with Monday's off.

Continue to pray for the students to be receptive to learning and to have a good time at our school while learning more about God as well as other core subjects. 
Bible Study
August 07, 2022
Our Wednesday night services are currently working on the Book of Romans. Please join us every Wednesday at 7 PM. 

Our Sunday night services are currently working the Book of Revelation. Please join us every Sunday night at 6 PM.