Christian School / Grace Academy
January 15, 2023
Grace Baptist Academy is in its second year of instruction. Enrollment is not open. 

We are teaching on a 4 day a week schedule with Monday's off. 

Continue to pray for the students to be receptive to learning and to have a good time at our school while learning more about God as well as other core subjects. We also ask for prayers in the area of volunteers to assist the staff. 
Bible Study
January 08, 2023
Our Wednesday night services are currently working on the Book of Isaiah. Please join us every Wednesday at 7 PM. 

Our Sunday night services are currently working the Book of Revelation. Please join us every Sunday night at 6 PM.
Sunday School
January 01, 2023
Sunday morning services do not only consist of our 11:00 AM meeting. We do have Sunday School on Sunday Mornings at 10:00 AM.